Problem Reports:

# Synopsis Date Category
19650 SCOOP/POSTGRESQL ODBC: Unable to consult data from separate DB_RESULT 2020/06/09
19298 [er] Non-conforming inheritance and incremental compilation 2016/11/19 Compiler
19297 [er] Non-conforming inheritance and VMCS 2016/11/19 Compiler
19293 [er] Non-conforming inheritance: VMRC-1 2016/11/17 Compiler
17161 Allow accented characters as identifiers 2010/10/25 EiffelStudio
16741 expanded generic class works for variable type but not as return type 2010/05/05 Compiler
16598 Melted system execution stops for invariant violation, then resumes by itself 2010/01/31 Runtime
16373 A way to stop all tests in AutoTest 2009/10/21 EiffelTest
16270 Unable to load support page in Internet Explorer 8 2009/09/17
15938 Bad postcondition in {EV_ANY}.set_data 2009/06/16 EiffelVision
15498 Always get this error when attempting to report a bug 2009/03/11
14809 ECF <root> 2008/09/21 Other
14740 Serious hang in EiffelStudio debugger when debugging EiffelStudio 2008/08/19 Debugger
13754 Comparing NaN in melted code 2007/12/12 Compiler
13581 Reduce time taken to uninstall EiffelStudio 2007/11/12 EiffelStudio
13341 Provide a release pulldown with supported versions of the compiler listed; don't refresh the schreen 2007/07/30
13280 Private interaction sender should be the one adding the interaction not the one submitting the bug 2007/07/05
13224 Add status "Duplicate" 2007/06/19
13124 Translation for documentation 2007/06/12 Documentation
13095 Upload attachements when "preview" is clicked automatically 2007/06/11
13010 Wrong flat form for routine that calls generic infix feature renamed to identifier feature 2007/06/05 EiffelStudio
12988 Watch expression << Current >> when in generic class gives internal exception then crash 2007/06/04 Debugger
12938 "Force Debug Mode" should have a check mark 2007/06/01 EiffelStudio
12883 Category filter applied wrongly after reporting a problem 2007/05/28
12878 Multi-constraint formal generics: calls on formal generic in watch expressions 2007/05/28 Debugger
12764 Clicking 'edit' in Preview mode of adding an interaction looses status change 2007/05/18
12694 Removing a dotnet_constructors declaration after it's been compiled hangs the compiler 2007/05/11 Compiler
12363 Tool tips from call stack window should remain 2007/03/23 EiffelStudio
12240 Picking object while Editor working on displaying a class causes pick display problem 2007/03/09 EiffelStudio
12049 A few menus use ellipses inappropriately 2007/02/11 EiffelStudio