PR# 19650 SCOOP/POSTGRESQL ODBC: Unable to consult data from separate DB_RESULT

Problem Report Summary
Submitter: phgachoud
Priority: High
Date: 2020/06/09
Class: Support
Severity: Critical
Number: 19650
Release: 19.12
Confidential: No
Status: Suspended
Environment: linux Debian 10
Synopsis: SCOOP/POSTGRESQL ODBC: Unable to consult data from separate DB_RESULT

I'm unable to read separate data from database. On DB_TUPLE_SEP -> make_from_separate, when l_count := `` it enters into an infinite loop.

What is the proper way to have a database connection which is separate.

Hope the make_from_separate function will be introduced soon...
To Reproduce
eiffel/sit-platform/;estudio -config sit_platform.ecf
target -> test-junk

put a break point into DB_TUPLE_SEP -> make_from_separate

Sorry but you'll need postgresql and scripts to run the environment but I think you could easily reproduce the error on a simple environment or check the code, maybe you'll see directly what's wrong.
Problem Report Interactions
From:phgachoud    Date:2020/06/15    Status: Suspended    Download   
In fact every time I do any change on the source, I have to freeze the code so that it works... anoying...

From:phgachoud    Date:2020/06/09    Status: Suspended    Download   
Seems working after rm from EIFGENs and recompile.... 

From:phgachoud    Date:2020/06/09    Download   
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