Problem Reports:

# Synopsis Date Category
19572 EiffelStudio Toolbar settings not carried over into New Window 2019/08/27 EiffelStudio
19571 ACROSS AS LOOP END - local loop cursor to be recognized as a feature in editor 2019/08/27 EiffelStudio
19568 Better search facility for class operators (ALIAS) 2019/08/21 EiffelStudio
19567 EiffelBuild invalid code generated for project configuration "attributes local" 2019/08/14 EiffelBuild
19566 EiffelBuild tricky situation after copying project directory - special condition applies 2019/08/13 EiffelBuild
19565 EiffelBuild project opening Idiosyncrasy 2019/08/11 EiffelBuild
19561 Top and Bottom "note" - can we have a Hide / Show feature? 2019/08/09 EiffelStudio
19560 EiffelBuild Disappearance Act 2019/08/08 EiffelBuild
19557 `Result' variable vanishes from auto complete within every feature with an alias. 2019/08/05 EiffelStudio
19556 Eiffel ECMA-367 8.29.10ff Manifest Strings, reporting error, and discussion 2019/07/28 EiffelStudio
19555 Eiffel Studio opens windows hidden behind windows taskbar 2019/07/26 EiffelStudio
19554 Finalizing system with inlining crashes in {FORMAL_A}.formal_instantiated_in 2019/07/19 Compiler
19551 C compilation error (without assertions with ec compiler) 2019/07/05 C Compilation
19543 Bug when reading Eiffel class text with no BOM 2019/04/27 Compiler
19536 Enhance navigation setting previous location when right-clicked and dropped 2019/03/29 EiffelStudio
19535 Free operator aliases with Unicode symbols 2019/03/26 Compiler
19533 100% CPU usage and not responding webserver 2019/03/13 Other
19528 [er] Word Wrapping in EiffelStudio editor 2019/02/19 EiffelStudio
19526 [er] EiffelStudio out of sync with large class text files 2019/02/19 EiffelStudio
19525 [er] EiffelStudio editor very slow to load large class text files 2019/02/19 EiffelStudio
19519 The shortcut (Default ctrl+h) doesn't open the search/replace box (as by menu yes) 2019/02/08 EiffelStore
19514 C linking fails on applications using openssl1.1.1a 2019/01/27 C Compilation
19511 Editor tab disappearing at the end of compilation from scratch after fixing an error 2018/12/31 EiffelStudio
19510 Wrong icon for non-instance-free once routines 2018/12/31 EiffelStudio
19509 code completion before some already existant argument without opening parenthesis 2018/12/21 EiffelStudio
19508 C compilation errors due to include in eif_time.h 2018/12/07 EiffelTime
19506 [er] No incrementality in Degree 4 2018/12/03 Compiler
19499 VAPE not reported during incremental compilation 2018/11/09 Compiler
19494 Enable the ability to anchor on an agent's result type. 2018/11/05 Compiler
19493 Type Mismatch with Anchor Argument Not Caught at Compile Time 2018/11/05 Compiler