Problem Reports:

# Synopsis Date Category
19499 VAPE not reported during incremental compilation 2018/11/09 Compiler
19494 Enable the ability to anchor on an agent's result type. 2018/11/05 Compiler
19493 Type Mismatch with Anchor Argument Not Caught at Compile Time 2018/11/05 Compiler
19491 Postcondition of `twin' violated with NaN 2018/11/01 EiffelBase
19488 Setting assertion level at the system level 2018/10/25 Compiler
19487 ECF wrong error message for -config_option 2018/10/25 Compiler
19486 Incorrect report of code analysis rule CA029 violation 2018/10/24 EiffelStudio
19485 Incorrect report of code analysis rule CA020 instead of CA085 2018/10/23 EiffelStudio
19483 Add code analysis rule to check for count > 0 2018/10/22 EiffelStudio
19481 Incorrect report of code analysis rule CA049 violation 2018/10/22 EiffelStudio
19480 Incorrect report of code analysis rule CA087 violation 2018/10/22 EiffelStudio
19479 Incorrect report of code analysis rule CA080 violation 2018/10/22 EiffelStudio
19478 Incorrect report of code analysis rule CA007 violation 2018/10/22 EiffelStudio
19476 EiffelStudio Requires XQuartz on macOS / Cumbersome Installation Process 2018/10/20 EiffelStudio
19475 Auto-Complete Flow Broken on XQuartz 2018/10/20 EiffelStudio
19474 Incorrect report of code analysis rule CA048 violation 2018/10/17 EiffelStudio
19472 LOG_LOGGING_FACILITY logs with wrong timestamp 2018/10/09 EiffelBase
19453 Manifest array type warning not disabled with ECF 1.17.0 2018/08/31 Compiler
19450 AutoTest extracted test issue 2018/08/23 Other
19442 [er] Crash with Non-object-call with assertions 2018/06/11 Compiler
19441 [er] Typing issue with empty manifest array 2018/05/31 Compiler
19440 Right Click Pick Issue 2018/05/14 EiffelStudio
19439 Query {INTEGER}.is_greater crashes with a segmentation error in ES17.05 on Linux, Windows and OSX. 2018/05/10 EiffelBase
19438 Change to routine argument name not updated in debugger on recompile 2018/04/28 Debugger
19429 {INET4_ADDRESS}.is_loopback_address is reporting incorrect value 2018/02/08 EiffelNet
19428 Post condition violation in {UNIX_STREAM_SOCKET}.accept 2018/02/07 EiffelNet
19425 function returning an anchored type is returning incorrect type in finalized executable 2018/01/23 Compiler
19424 Finalized C compilation fails for deferred function returning ANY 2018/01/17 Compiler
19416 Calling an agent function that is a member of a tuple fails 2017/12/06 Compiler
19413 [er] Full class checking and VGCC-2 2017/11/28 Compiler