Problem Reports:

# Synopsis Date Category
19428 Post condition violation in {UNIX_STREAM_SOCKET}.accept 2018/02/07 EiffelNet
19425 function returning an anchored type is returning incorrect type in finalized executable 2018/01/23 Compiler
19424 Finalized C compilation fails for deferred function returning ANY 2018/01/17 Compiler
19416 Calling an agent function that is a member of a tuple fails 2017/12/06 Compiler
19413 [er] Full class checking and VGCC-2 2017/11/28 Compiler
19412 [er] Full class checking and VUAR-2 2017/11/28 Compiler
19411 [er] Full class checking and VBAC-2 2017/11/28 Compiler
19409 [er] Watch window does not correctly show an iterated item (using `across’) 2017/11/27 EiffelStudio
19407 {DATE_TIME}.formatted_out does not work for "yyyy[0]mm[0]dd [0]hh[0]mi[0]ss" 2017/11/17 EiffelTime
19385 Unicode symbols are not rendered properly by various tools 2017/08/31 EiffelStudio
19380 [er] RAW_FILE.go/retrieved with VC 14 2017/07/26 Runtime
19378 [RJ] Eiffel Inspector made a mistake (CA087) 2017/07/20 EiffelStudio
19376 Infinite loop in TUPLE_TYPE_A.formal_instantiated_in 2017/07/15 Compiler
19375 Class that inherit from {DISPOSABLE} that have a rescue clause in the dispose feature crash at colle 2017/07/11 Compiler
19372 Value of ISE_PRECOMP behaves like a sub-atomic particle (seriously) 2017/06/30 EiffelStudio
19368 [EIS] Outgoing Microsoft Word bookmark not working 2017/06/09 EiffelStudio
19367 [EIS] Opening outgoing PDF 2017/06/09 EiffelStudio
19350 Assigning a tuple attribute with value of correctly conforming type results in a catcall error 2017/04/18 Compiler
19349 Email notification on bug reports 2017/04/15
19331 [er] Wrong clickable version of features in documentation generated file class_list.html 2017/02/21 Documentation
19327 [er] Wrong class locations in goto.html 2017/02/09 Documentation
19325 Built-in features in WEL_IDENTIFIED 2017/02/07 WEL
19324 ARRAYED_CIRCULAR implementation of `do_all' is an infinite loop 2017/02/05 EiffelBase
19320 GTK implementation does not automatically resize dialog if a widget in a container is replaced with 2017/01/29 EiffelVision
19319 untitled dialogs failing to size itself correctly to accommodate box container item 2017/01/29 EiffelVision
19315 EiffelProcess ECF concurrency capability to "none" 2017/01/19 Other
19312 Value returned by {FILE_INFO}.date depends on automatic day light saving system setting 2017/01/16 EiffelBase
19306 Need feedback on ideas for using read-only and immutable strings 2016/12/08 EiffelBase
19304 [RJ] How do you turn on assertions? 2016/12/02 EiffelStudio
19303 [er] Multiple inherit clauses 2016/11/28 Compiler