PR# 19736 Exception crash in vision2_demo, testing EV_GRID

Problem Report Summary
Submitter: HowardThomsonSurrey
Category: EiffelVision
Priority: Low
Date: 2021/04/03
Class: Bug
Severity: Non-critical
Number: 19736
Release: 20.11
Confidential: No
Status: Open
Environment: linux
Synopsis: Exception crash in vision2_demo, testing EV_GRID

The vision2_demo program, provided as part of the 19.12 GPL download, misbehaves when testing EV_GRID, which I am trying to use in my current project.
The same crash happens for the 20.11 download ...
To Reproduce
Run $ISE_EIFFEL/vision2_demo/spec/linux-x86-64/bin/vision2_demo
Click on GRID under Primitives
Click on Tests tab
Double-click on the box containing the text 'Texture applied to ...'
Press 'Return', or move focus to another window

Uncaught Exception window appears, leaving a window [with text and a drop-down selector] separate from the main window.
Behaviour of focus and keyboard confusing, until I managed to close the application ...

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From:HowardThomsonSurrey    Date:2021/04/03    Download   
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