Problem Reports:

# Synopsis Date Category
17434 Modified DINING_SAVAGES version hangs 2011/03/24 Runtime
17547 Wait condition retry-limit reached 2011/05/24 Runtime
18424 SCOOP deadlocks on simple program. 2012/11/27 Runtime
15071 Catcalls detected at runtime where the type of the formal and that of the actual match. 2008/11/26 Runtime
16353 Postcondition of non-fresh once routines is not checked 2009/10/12 Runtime
19795 agent's target is not showing as correct type 2021/08/20 Runtime
11569 As soon as I create an array of an expanded class the program segfaults at a "random" location. 2006/10/19 Runtime
11075 Windows Eiffel program crashes when spawned 2006/08/25 Runtime
13759 Routine `eiffel_signal_handler' should save and restore errno 2007/12/13 Runtime
13760 Garbage collection can be left off if fail to allocate memory or receive a signal 2007/12/13 Runtime
13776 Assignment attempt on type with many parents causes seg fault 2007/12/17 Runtime
13777 Some uses of constant 0x7FFFFFFF are wrong for 64-bit Eiffel 2007/12/18 Runtime
13690 Multiple unchecked memory allocations in run-time 2007/11/29 Runtime
13714 Many calls to `epush' in runtime do not check for failure 2007/12/05 Runtime
13718 Many runtime unbalanced SIGBLOCK/SIGRESUME pairs 2007/12/05 Runtime
13721 Missing #error preprocessor directive 2007/12/06 Runtime
19657 Segmentation violation: (Void, separate...) actual arguments passed via agent. 2020/07/28 SCOOP
14923 Allow the originator of a problem report to modify the category details of the report after its been 2008/10/27
19225 Default value for severity and priority should not be "Critical" and "High" 2016/05/25
14513 PR status is not changed in sync with PR interaction 2008/06/23
15245 No search in interactions 2009/01/07
19229 Attachments are not included in email 2016/05/30
12423 No HTML title on 'My support' page 2007/03/29
19662 File attachments in Problem Report Submission 2020/08/19
14226 Listen/capture windows events (ex.: clipboard changed) 2008/04/16 WEL
18682 Obsolete feature calls in class WEL_WINDOW 2013/09/12 WEL
19680 WEL_DIB 2020/10/27 WEL
19681 WEL_MENU 2020/10/27 WEL
18592 WEL_BITMAP_HELPER resource wasting 2013/05/05 WEL