Problem Reports:

# Synopsis Date Category
14523 Improper header alignment if EIF_TID defined on 32-bit platform 2008/06/25 Runtime
14586 Eget may return too small area if `extend' has to get urgent chunk 2008/07/15 Runtime
14585 Exget can return address past end of chunk if stack_extend has to get urgent chunk 2008/07/15 Runtime
14581 Last urgent chunk cannot be used 2008/07/15 Runtime
14575 Postcondition of sprealloc can be violated on 64-bit system 2008/07/10 Runtime
14574 Postcondition of `get_to_from_core' will be violated 2008/07/10 Runtime
14572 Potential improvements to `add_core' 2008/07/09 Runtime
14663 Malloc_free_list can allocate memory unnecessarily on 64-bit platform 2008/07/24 Runtime
15252 Exception trace for finalized system that violates invariant shows class name RUN-TIME 2009/01/09 Runtime
16869 Trailing colon omitted from very long assertion tag in exception trace 2010/06/18 Runtime
17935 Small value for EIF_MEMORY_SCAVENGE causes incorrect execution output 2011/11/03 Runtime
17930 Test runtime008 fails about 0.5-1.0% of the time on Solaris x86 2011/10/31 Runtime
18300 Precompiling EiffelBase SCOOP gives C compilation errors with Sun C compiler on Linux 2012/08/14 Runtime
13571 Invariant violated when it should not be checked ! 2007/11/09 Runtime
13833 Things to check for the dynamic types 2007/12/31 Runtime
14499 Storing a very deep LINKED_LIST or TREE causes a stack overflow using the C store/retrieve 2008/06/19 Runtime
14424 Early runtime crash when pressing Ctrl+C 2008/05/29 Runtime
14563 Routine `eif_mem_stat' may not be thread-safe 2008/07/07 Runtime
14566 Locals in `acollect' can overflow on 64-bit platform with EIF_CONDITIONAL_COLLECT 2008/07/07 Runtime
14568 Retrieve of corrupted file created by independent_store gets floating point exception 2008/07/08 Runtime
14571 Incorporate assertions in runtime_validation.c into runtime 2008/07/09 Runtime
14464 Multithreaded program that calls {STRING}.deep_twin runs out of memory 2008/06/10 Runtime
14471 Some callers of `urgent_plsc' do not protect passed object 2008/06/15 Runtime
14489 Multithreaded program that explicitly frees small STRING locals runs out of memory 2008/06/18 Runtime
14491 Run_collector should skip creating scavenge zones if called from reclaim 2008/06/19 Runtime
14516 Routine `eif_system_asynchronous' calls fork instead of eif_thread_fork 2008/06/23 Runtime
14517 Possible execution of `eif_thr_exit' and call to eif_access while GC in progress 2008/06/23 Runtime
14356 Need way to turn off catcall detection outside estudio 2008/05/12 Runtime
14456 EIF_MEMORY_SCAVENGE value <= 8184 causes runtime panic 2008/06/08 Runtime
14460 Possible race condition calling sc_stop (malloc.c) 2008/06/10 Runtime