PR# 13833 Things to check for the dynamic types

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Submitter: manus_eiffel
Category: Runtime
Priority: Medium
Date: 2007/12/31
Class: Bug
Severity: Serious
Number: 13833
Confidential: No
Status: Open
Responsible: manus_eiffel
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Synopsis: Things to check for the dynamic types

As part of my rewrite of the object HEADER so that the dynamic type for objects can be configurable in size, I've found a few places in the runtime where it would not work. To see them, simply define EIF_TYPE_INDEX to be the same as a EIF_NATURAL_64 and recompile the runtime.

1 - in C/ipc/shared/stack.c line 282, there is a comment that says that we fit 2 types into an integer 32-bit. This needs to be redone so that it uses EIF_TYPE_INDEX for those dynamic type.

2 - EIF_TYPED_VALUE possibly needs to be changed so that it distinguish the SK_ part from the actual dynamic type. It is also possible that the SK things, needs to be rewritten to be only a char and then followed by a dynamic type id when needed (SK_EXP and sometime SK_REF). This will make things more compact in the general case.

3 - In many places, we extract the dynamic type of the object and assign it to an integer 32-bit, this needs to be analyzed on a case by case basis.
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