Problem Reports:

# Synopsis Date Category
2398 Files larger than 2 gigabytes 2000/02/18 Runtime
17161 Allow accented characters as identifiers 2010/10/25 EiffelStudio
2538 Eiffel profiling count information is erroneous ! 2000/06/28 EiffelBench
10815 Eiffel57_gpl_61570-windows.msi project settings 2006/07/28 Compiler
3693 Caller of inherited feature 2004/03/11 EiffelStudio
3968 Memory leaks in Vision2 2004/08/20 EiffelVision
10787 External editor leaves defunct process when exited 2006/07/26 EiffelStudio
10851 Dead code removal continues after reporting zero features left to go 2006/07/31 Compiler
10828 Extra parentheses around operator feature call that was identifier call in ancestor 2006/07/30 EiffelStudio
10908 Estudio keeps using 40% of one CPU after turning on physics in Diagram tab 2006/08/08 EiffelStudio
10877 Very long lines don't display properly in Context window 2006/08/03 EiffelStudio
11275 Hex constant displayed in decimal in Flat form 2006/09/12 EiffelStudio
11269 No error displayed when enter nonexistent or confidential report number 2006/09/12
12240 Picking object while Editor working on displaying a class causes pick display problem 2007/03/09 EiffelStudio
13010 Wrong flat form for routine that calls generic infix feature renamed to identifier feature 2007/06/05 EiffelStudio
12988 Watch expression << Current >> when in generic class gives internal exception then crash 2007/06/04 Debugger
16598 Melted system execution stops for invariant violation, then resumes by itself 2010/01/31 Runtime
13754 Comparing NaN in melted code 2007/12/12 Compiler
14809 ECF <root> 2008/09/21 Other
13341 Provide a release pulldown with supported versions of the compiler listed; don't refresh the schreen 2007/07/30
18343 Feature call on void target in {CONF_TARGET}.setting_msil_clr_version in EiffelStudio. 2012/10/04 EiffelStudio
18984 Feature call on void target in {AUT_TEST_CASE_PRINTER}.process_invoke_feature_request in EiffelStudi 2014/10/31 EiffelStudio
18578 Pretty printer not working 2013/04/18 EiffelStudio
18211 Annoying saving bug 2012/06/08 EiffelStudio
18105 Operating system signal in {INLINER}.can_be_inlined in EiffelStudio. 2012/02/03 EiffelStudio
18104 Class invariant violated on EV_GRID_HEADER_ITEM while calling {EV_GRID}.set_column_count_to 2012/02/03 EiffelVision
12581 Tooltip not updated when value changes 2007/05/03 EiffelVision
18158 C compiler warning 2012/04/09 C Compilation
18057 Using $x on a attached `x' entity which has not yet been initialized does not yield any error 2011/12/16 Compiler
17867 Feature call on void target in {COMMENT_EXTRACTOR}.feature_comments_ex in EiffelStudio. 2011/10/04 EiffelStudio