Problem Reports:

# Synopsis Date Category
16326 Zone gets into state where I cannot undock it 2009/10/01 EiffelStudio
17686 Zone becomes a black hole 2011/06/22 EiffelStudio
3889 Yes/No/Cancel dialog boxes do not respond to the Y and N keys 2004/07/22 EiffelStudio
2156 x.copy(3) results in bus error if x and y are Integers 1999/11/16 Compiler
12313 X button on Context tool is counterintuitive 2007/03/15 EiffelStudio
17456 Wrong usage of HASH_TABLE.extend? 2011/04/08 EiffelStudio
16228 Wrong usage of ARRAYED_LIST in {EV_FIGURE}.default_create 2009/09/04 EiffelVision
18027 Wrong tag for postcondition of {BYTE_NODE}.size 2011/11/30 Compiler
12460 Wrong precondition naming in INI_DOCUMENT_READER 2007/04/10 EiffelBase
17701 Wrong name on Editor tab in non Basic Text format after recompile 2011/06/24 EiffelStudio
16414 Wrong line numbers reported for C compilation failure with line_generation enabled 2009/11/06 C Compilation
15195 Wrong line number or wrong source code shown for VTCG on expanded class 2008/12/24 Compiler
19510 Wrong icon for non-instance-free once routines 2018/12/31 EiffelStudio
17513 Wrong formal generic name reported for precursor feature in VDRD(2) error message 2011/05/10 Compiler
18284 Wrong flat form of descendant routine when tuple labels renamed 2012/07/31 EiffelStudio
13010 Wrong flat form for routine that calls generic infix feature renamed to identifier feature 2007/06/05 EiffelStudio
18264 Wrong flat form for call with implicit argument conversion 2012/07/20 Compiler
10742 Wrong feature shown when pick and drop after VMFN error 2006/07/23 EiffelStudio
16923 Wrong error reported on generic class with formal constrained twice by same class 2010/06/28 Compiler
18373 Wrong display of menu entry on Unix 2012/10/15 EiffelStudio
1226 WRONG default value for dates : EiffelStore handling of NULL values... 1999/11/04 EiffelStore
16613 Wrong cursor or no cursor shown for class or feature picked from Dependency tool 2010/02/05 EiffelStudio
16320 Wrong Clickable and Flat forms for class after VHRC(1) error 2009/09/30 EiffelStudio
14904 Wrong C external definition of API_MARSHALLER 2008/10/22 Other
3708 Wrong "Feature" in VTCG error message 2004/03/20 Compiler
16279 Would like to be able to set "Confidential" to "No" permanently 2009/09/20 Other
13117 Workbench estudio crashes with no trace when exit debugger 2007/06/12 EiffelStudio
15953 Winforms DateTimePicker loses focus when dropdown is clicked 2009/06/23 .NET
10847 Windows/Minimize all does not minimize Project Settings or Preferences 2006/07/31 EiffelStudio
18596 Windows pointer style is not sticking during window movement 2013/05/15 EiffelVision