Problem Reports:

# Synopsis Date Category
18939 [RJ] Size of C folders 2014/08/08 C Compilation
14804 All symbols exported in shared libraries on GNU/Linux/ELF platform 2008/09/19 C Compilation
17126 Printing of C compilation errors in "Outputs" window is too slow 2010/09/23 C Compilation
18991 Build for Raspberry PI 2014/11/19 C Compilation
15072 Unary operator (e.g. #) requires space (e.g. # s) instead of allowing #s 2008/11/26 C Compilation
13407 Installer feature request. 2007/09/16 C Compilation
17510 Created C functions can be too big for C compiler 2011/05/10 C Compilation
15918 Should freeze code when changing $-expressions. 2009/06/03 CECIL
18349 Fixing a code generation issue with exception and onces 2012/10/06 Compiler
19148 Compiling large verbatim string is slow 2015/10/26 Compiler
12870 Adding ability to override a library 2007/05/25 Compiler
18057 Using $x on a attached `x' entity which has not yet been initialized does not yield any error 2011/12/16 Compiler
17390 Strange generated code 2011/03/02 Compiler
17294 Empty attribute clauses are checked for VEVI 2011/01/24 Compiler
17130 Optimize Dtype(Current) when creating some types. 2010/09/28 Compiler
16720 Strange syntax errors 2010/04/27 Compiler
16348 VHPR error reported but no classes reported in cycle 2009/10/09 Compiler
14868 The full class checking option causes the EIFGEN COMP directory to be 6% bigger 2008/10/06 Compiler
14223 Improving override mechanism 2008/04/16 Compiler
14043 New validity constraint on library 2008/02/27 Compiler
13798 Crash when removing an overriden class 2007/12/20 Compiler
13806 Crash at degree -3 after a lot of classes moving 2007/12/20 Compiler
12693 .NET Eiffel classes redefines ToString() when it shouldn't. 2007/05/11 Compiler
12694 Removing a dotnet_constructors declaration after it's been compiled hangs the compiler 2007/05/11 Compiler
12751 Single .NET deferred Eiffel types with deferred properties generates bad code 2007/05/17 Compiler
12802 Compiler generates two default .ctor() for a given Eiffel class. 2007/05/21 Compiler
12947 Configuration tasks cannot be configured for builds 2007/06/01 Compiler
19057 SCOOP melted code bad behavior 2015/03/17 Compiler
19265 Quick compilation does not copy melted code next to executable 2016/08/26 Compiler
16766 Manifest tuple does not execute expressions in consistent order. 2010/05/18 Compiler