Problem Reports:

# Synopsis Date Category
10192 When an assertion fails need option to ignore it and continue 2006/02/25 Debugger
10260 Different behavior of conversion of doubles between melted and frozen code 2006/04/10 Compiler
10845 C compiler optimization option repeated twice for freeze or finalize 2006/07/31 EiffelStudio
10883 Icon for expanded frozen class should be colored frozen 2006/08/04 EiffelStudio
10935 Creating new window and closing it increases estudio and X server memory usage 2006/08/10 EiffelStudio
11025 Disabling assertion checking in debugger doesn't always work 2006/08/16 Runtime
11027 Selecting call stack element when stopped in routine called from invariant causes crash 2006/08/16 Debugger
11092 Literal null character in manifest string causes omission of following characters 2006/08/27 EiffelStudio
11113 Profiler doesn't work with gprof 2006/08/29 EiffelStudio
11151 Compiler accepts "C inline" routine with no alias but rejects one with alias "" 2006/08/31 Compiler
11170 Line connecting picked object to cursor not erased properly while pick in progress 2006/09/01 EiffelVision
11187 Main Menu is always coloured as if selected 2006/09/05 EiffelStudio
11207 Selecting wrong profiler overwrites profinfo file and makes it an empty file 2006/09/06 EiffelStudio
11209 Improve string display for readability in the debugger 2006/09/06 Debugger
11271 Illegal metamorphose type when melted and assign address of expanded attribute to ANY 2006/09/12 Compiler
11276 {INTEGER_8} 0xff accepted but should be "integer too large" error 2006/09/12 Compiler
11281 Every workbench system execution leaves one more defunct process 2006/09/13 EiffelStudio
11292 Selecting Interface format after VHPR(1) error crashes estudio 2006/09/14 EiffelStudio
11298 Not all preferences match after removing filter in Preferences Flat view 2006/09/14 EiffelStudio
11310 Actual generic parameter NONE for expanded generic class crashes compiler 2006/09/15 Compiler
11316 Cannot target Editor or Context window to feature by typing its alias 2006/09/18 EiffelStudio
11379 EiffelSoftware.Runtime.dll all lower case in Assemblies directory 2006/09/21 .NET
11406 Two branches in Implementers format for inherited renamed and redefined feature 2006/09/24 EiffelStudio
11433 Interrupting estudio results in Uncaught Exception window as well as Internal Error window 2006/09/26 EiffelStudio
11538 Error: actual generic parameter does not conform to constraint. In Error 2006/10/12 Compiler
11596 Calling {EV_DRAWING_AREA}.set_focus from window pointer_enter_actions generates expose 2006/10/27 EiffelVision
11655 Pick and drop browsing stopped working after hitting a removed class and recompiling 2006/11/21 EiffelStudio
11663 Failure in SED_OBJECT_GRAPH_TRAVERSABLE:internal_traverse 2006/11/22 EiffelBase
11881 EV_GRID Page Up and Down do not work 2007/01/19 EiffelVision
11884 Configuration error error 2007/01/19 EiffelStudio