Problem Reports:

# Synopsis Date Category
11379 EiffelSoftware.Runtime.dll all lower case in Assemblies directory 2006/09/21 .NET
19551 C compilation error (without assertions with ec compiler) 2019/07/05 C Compilation
18722 Cannot compile 2013/10/09 C Compilation
19514 C linking fails on applications using openssl1.1.1a 2019/01/27 C Compilation
18998 [er] Argument names in C inline 2014/12/09 C Compilation
14804 All symbols exported in shared libraries on GNU/Linux/ELF platform 2008/09/19 C Compilation
18991 Build for Raspberry PI 2014/11/19 C Compilation
13407 Installer feature request. 2007/09/16 C Compilation
14750 c compiler behaves differently than eiffel on "like" return types 2008/08/21 C Compilation
14749 c compiler behaves differently than eiffel on divide or mod by zero 2008/08/21 C Compilation
14134 Difference in usage of INCLUDE between Freezing and nmake from prompt 2008/03/25 C Compilation
14420 Incremental finalization C compilation failed 2008/05/28 C Compilation
18158 C compiler warning 2012/04/09 C Compilation
17071 Expanded generic class with multi-constrained generic violates assertion in {TYPE_SET_A}.generated_i 2010/08/30 Compiler
16995 Generic root type with actual generic not found from root class causes incorrect VSRT(2) 2010/07/28 Compiler
17979 Config file not saved in some cases when automatic_backup="true" 2011/11/18 Compiler
17915 Finalizing system with C++ external causes link failure due to unknown -xstrconst option 2011/10/26 Compiler
17301 Adding attribute to void-safe system crashes in {EIFFEL_CLASS_C}.inline-agent#1 of has_stable_attrib 2011/01/28 Compiler
18259 Compiler issues resume prompt instead of crashing after VD00 error is fixed 2012/07/18 Compiler
18164 Unnecessary degree 3 processing after touching class 2012/04/19 Compiler
18023 Nested tuple with expanded type causes undetected VEVI error 2011/11/29 Compiler
17997 Possible bug in {CONVERTIBILITY_CHECKER}.check_feature_basic_validity 2011/11/23 Compiler
18264 Wrong flat form for call with implicit argument conversion 2012/07/20 Compiler
13396 EiffelStudio crashed in Degree 3 2007/09/05 Compiler
3475 VDRD-2: non conforming signature of selected feature 2003/07/16 Compiler
16766 Manifest tuple does not execute expressions in consistent order. 2010/05/18 Compiler
12693 .NET Eiffel classes redefines ToString() when it shouldn't. 2007/05/11 Compiler
13798 Crash when removing an overriden class 2007/12/20 Compiler
13806 Crash at degree -3 after a lot of classes moving 2007/12/20 Compiler
18057 Using $x on a attached `x' entity which has not yet been initialized does not yield any error 2011/12/16 Compiler