Problem Reports:

# Synopsis Date Category
18898 Add Feature Groups to Auto-Complete 2014/06/21 EiffelStudio
11148 Add keyboard shortcut to add a watch expression 2006/08/30 EiffelStudio
12820 Add 'Open Cluster in File Browser' to context menu 2007/05/22 EiffelStudio
18143 Add the ability to prioritise Autotest tests 2012/03/15 EiffelTest
15420 Add tooltips to the "New Eiffel test wizard". 2009/02/24 EiffelTest
15351 Added `legal' and `status' to indexing clause when saving 2009/01/30 EiffelStudio
14217 Adding a light vertical line to show the maximum width the code should have 2008/04/15 EiffelStudio
12870 Adding ability to override a library 2007/05/25 Compiler
17270 Adding attributes to class with once-per-object functions causes execution seg fault 2011/01/10 Compiler
13803 Adding feature makes rename in generic constraint invalid but compiler misses VTGC(2) 2007/12/20 Compiler
15337 Adding inheritance clause introduces undetected VYCP(2) error 2009/01/28 Compiler
16556 Adding new generic derivation of class with agent call on attribute causes execution seg fault 2010/01/13 Compiler
17077 Adding VSRT(4) to expanded class then removing it generates C code that won't compile 2010/08/31 Compiler
10884 Adjusting split area divider when C compilation fails hangs window system 2006/08/04 EiffelVision
15395 Advanced Search Bug 2009/02/15 EiffelStudio
19649 After a Class Rename, with file rename, cannot create new class with the now unused class name 2020/06/06 EiffelStudio
15192 After removing added VLEC error compiler still reports VLEC 2008/12/23 Compiler
15330 Agent call on void target in assertion gets seg fault if system melted 2009/01/27 Compiler
19795 agent's target is not showing as correct type 2021/08/20 Runtime
16629 Alias introduced in rename in generic constraint not shown in Flat form 2010/02/17 EiffelStudio
15358 Allow a finalized system to be built during workbench debug session 2009/02/02 EiffelStudio
13793 Allow classes to be created without completing degree 6 2007/12/19 EiffelStudio
17712 Allow modifying the layout of the editor area in maximized mode 2011/06/28 EiffelStudio
10090 Allow parallel debug session and finalize compilation 2005/12/06 EiffelStudio
11589 Allow selection and print of multiple classes at one time 2006/10/26 EiffelStudio
14923 Allow the originator of a problem report to modify the category details of the report after its been 2008/10/27
10150 ALT+DOWN to switch context, and adding ALT+CTRL+DOWN 2006/01/25 EiffelStudio
10151 ALT+LEFT/RIGHT add SHIFT modifier to navigate classes and not click history 2006/01/25 EiffelStudio
17951 AltGr key not recognised 2011/11/09 EiffelStudio
14242 Anchors are not pickable 2008/04/22 EiffelStudio