Problem Reports:

# Synopsis Date Category
18969 [RJ] Finalized preconditions on 'item' and 'put' in SPECIAL. 2014/10/03 Compiler
19069 [RJ] HASH_TABLE.correct_mismatch incorrectly decodes newer versions. 2015/05/11 EiffelBase
19070 [RJ] Request for SPECIAL.put to check the array bounds even if finalized. 2015/05/11 Compiler
18939 [RJ] Size of C folders 2014/08/08 C Compilation
15501 `index_set' fails for an empty array 2009/03/13 EiffelBase
19887 {ANY}.deep_twin fails with detachable separate generic objects. 2023/06/03 EiffelBase
19407 {DATE_TIME}.formatted_out does not work for "yyyy[0]mm[0]dd [0]hh[0]mi[0]ss" 2017/11/17 EiffelTime
18608 {EV_BOX}.pointer_enter_actions not triggered unless pointer moves (Windows) 2013/06/08 EiffelVision
19429 {INET4_ADDRESS}.is_loopback_address is reporting incorrect value 2018/02/08 EiffelNet
19879 {INTEGER_32}.min_value = - {INTEGER_32}.min_value returns True 2023/03/30 EiffelBase
15291 {PROCEDURE}.apply reports System.Reflection.TargetException 2009/01/18 EiffelVision
11593 {REAL_64_REF}.floor_integer_64 and related routines missing 2006/10/27 EiffelBase
18706 {STRING}.to_double gives incorrect result for very large exponents 2013/09/27 EiffelBase
11669 A diagram can't be cancelled, locks UI 2006/11/24 EiffelStudio
12707 A dozen preferences have status "User Set" when estudio is first started 2007/05/13 EiffelStudio
17011 A Particular Example for Eiffel Studio does not Compile 2010/08/02 Compiler
4895 Ability to debug an expression - step through its evaluation. 2005/06/09 Debugger
14446 Abstract target that references class in library included in extender causes VTCT 2008/06/04 Compiler
16525 abstract.socket.PACKET uses obsolete infix syntax 2009/12/29 EiffelNet
18313 Accented character are not well shown in tooltip 2012/09/10 EiffelStudio
19571 ACROSS AS LOOP END - local loop cursor to be recognized as a feature in editor 2019/08/27 EiffelStudio
15242 Activate buttons not tall enough in $ISE_EIFFEL/register window 2009/01/06 Other
17596 Activating execution recording in SCOOP system hangs estudio 2011/05/31 Debugger
13209 Add "Show help" to context menu of error codes 2007/06/18 EiffelStudio
16710 Add a `submit problem' report entry in `Help' 2010/04/21 EiffelStudio
17711 Add a callback when maximizing/minimizing/restoring 2011/06/28 EiffelStudio
14741 Add a toggle button in the call stack tool for .NET execution to hide stubs 2008/08/19 Debugger
14688 Add ability to see the state of MEMORY.collecting while debugging 2008/07/31 EiffelStudio
14081 add better browsability for "not in system' classes 2008/03/10 EiffelStudio
19483 Add code analysis rule to check for count > 0 2018/10/22 EiffelStudio