Problem Reports:

# Synopsis Date Category
19680 WEL_DIB 2020/10/27 WEL
19673 Please allow chhosing non-default location for new projects 2020/09/21 EiffelStudio
19663 Prettify Class duplicates unary operator preceded by other operator 2020/08/19 EiffelStudio
19662 File attachments in Problem Report Submission 2020/08/19
19657 Segmentation violation: (Void, separate...) actual arguments passed via agent. 2020/07/28 SCOOP
19655 On loose focus debuger item becomes unreadable 2020/06/18 EiffelStudio
19654 Segmentation fault when compiling without assertions but no error compiling with assertions 2020/06/15 Compiler
19652 Postcondition violation in SPECIAL.copy 2020/06/12 EiffelBase
19651 Debugger can't show the value of an expression in Watch tool 2020/06/09 Debugger
19649 After a Class Rename, with file rename, cannot create new class with the now unused class name 2020/06/06 EiffelStudio
19646 VTCT error, unknown class; class text is open and listed in Groups pane 2020/05/30 EiffelStudio
19645 Class editor loses distinction between text enclosed inside a string, and other class text 2020/05/29 EiffelStudio
19644 Routines {EV_FIXED}.extend_with_position_and_size, and {EV_FIXED}.set_item_position_and_size fail 2020/05/29 EiffelVision
19639 Segmentation violation for unknown reason 2020/04/24 Compiler
19622 Call on Result in attribute body not clickable in editor 2020/03/11 EiffelStudio
19621 Call on SCOOP variable not clickable in editor 2020/03/11 EiffelStudio
19620 Call on local variable not clickable in editor 2020/03/11 EiffelStudio
19619 Double-click on word with accent in a comment 2020/03/11 EiffelStudio
19615 Differing result for finalized exe when initializing a descendant of BOOLEAN_REF 2020/01/24 Compiler
19610 Example "Simple" for docking manager classes: bad EiffelBild project 2019/12/26 Other
19609 EiffelBuild crashes when processing older version of project XML 2019/12/26 EiffelBuild
19608 Examples / Class name with a quirky typo 2019/12/25 Other
19592 Client set of a feature 2019/10/19 Compiler
19588 EiffelStudio Wishlist 2019/10/08 EiffelStudio
19586 README files 2019/10/06 Installation Windows
19584 EV_NOTEBOOK raises a check exception on tab change 2019/09/22 EiffelVision
19583 EiffelStudio Project Documentation does not limit output correctly 2019/09/21 EiffelStudio
19582 Project Documentation Profiles 2019/09/21 EiffelStudio
19581 Strange version in current distribution 2019/09/12 ResourceBench