Problem Reports:

# Synopsis Date Category
16606 EIFFEL in the Web 2010/02/04 .NET
15726 No precompiling dotnet target. 2009/04/29 .NET
16356 .NET metadata constantly corrupt 2009/10/12 .NET
16787 EiffelStudio create the 'Equals' feature but sometimes should not 2010/05/29 .NET
15392 Cannot inherit from graphic classes from the PresentationFramework .NET assembly 2009/02/13 .NET
15953 Winforms DateTimePicker loses focus when dropdown is clicked 2009/06/23 .NET
13242 Classes missing from Assembly after compilation 2007/06/20 .NET
11719 Mysterious assembly reference difficult to reverse diagnose. 2006/12/07 .NET
13375 "Not an assembly" error reported three times 2007/08/21 .NET
11379 EiffelSoftware.Runtime.dll all lower case in Assemblies directory 2006/09/21 .NET
17029 Please add option to hide secret features .NET 2010/08/12 .NET
14005 Call on Void target generates an invariant violation in VOID_TARGET exception object 2008/02/19 .NET
15482 Cannot consume .NET assembly from GAC directly 2009/03/06 .NET
16459 When freezing WEL samples requiring a .rc file, the .rc file is not included 2009/11/17 .NET
14804 All symbols exported in shared libraries on GNU/Linux/ELF platform 2008/09/19 C Compilation
17126 Printing of C compilation errors in "Outputs" window is too slow 2010/09/23 C Compilation
18991 Build for Raspberry PI 2014/11/19 C Compilation
15072 Unary operator (e.g. #) requires space (e.g. # s) instead of allowing #s 2008/11/26 C Compilation
13407 Installer feature request. 2007/09/16 C Compilation
17510 Created C functions can be too big for C compiler 2011/05/10 C Compilation
14750 c compiler behaves differently than eiffel on "like" return types 2008/08/21 C Compilation
14749 c compiler behaves differently than eiffel on divide or mod by zero 2008/08/21 C Compilation
13272 error: cannot convert to a pointer 2007/07/02 C Compilation
14134 Difference in usage of INCLUDE between Freezing and nmake from prompt 2008/03/25 C Compilation
15670 egc_dynlib.h is not found when finalizing a shared library from EiffelStudio 2009/04/23 C Compilation
16414 Wrong line numbers reported for C compilation failure with line_generation enabled 2009/11/06 C Compilation
14420 Incremental finalization C compilation failed 2008/05/28 C Compilation
13560 Generated makefile clean and clobber directives do the wrong things 2007/11/06 C Compilation
18158 C compiler warning 2012/04/09 C Compilation
18348 Warnings at C compilation 2012/10/06 C Compilation