PR# 3699 MULTI_ARRAY_LIST cannot do forth after remove

Problem Report Summary
Submitter: jlong123
Category: EiffelBase
Priority: Medium
Date: 2004/04/13
Class: Bug
Severity: Serious
Number: 3699
Release: ISE Eiffel Studio 5(5.4.0907 Free Edition)
Confidential: No
Status: Open
Environment: Windows XP, Athlon 1800+, 512MB DDR SDRAM... none of this should be relevant for this particular bug.
Synopsis: MULTI_ARRAY_LIST cannot do forth after remove

In MULTI_ARRAY_LIST, the feature forth cannot always be called after the feature remove, even when after is checked first.  The bug occurs when remove causes current_array.empty to be true.  In this case, active.item can become stale, and when forth is subsequently called, it tries to act on this stale item instead of a valid item.  Consider the following code sequences:

Failing code:
	if NOT population.after then

Working code:

	if idx < population.count then
	if NOT population.after then

The working code works because it causes active to be refreshed to the correct sub-array.  Also, the Failing code works fine if population is the type ARRAYED_LIST instead of MULTI_ARRAY_LIST.
To Reproduce
Use the code snippet shown above, and make sure that population.remove causes the current sub-array (active.item) to become empty.  Also, make sure active.item is either the first_element or last_element.

If you have trouble reproducing this, let me know and I'll try and carve out a test program from my code.
Problem Report Interactions
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From: "John M. Long" <>
Cc:  Subject: Re: EiffelBase/3699
Date: Tue, 13 Apr 2004 06:41:49 -0700

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 Attached, please find a "repaired" version of MULTI_ARRAY_LIST (I also =
 had to
 make a cursor class since they are paired) and also a test case that is =
 close to
 a test class based on the GOBO test class.
 The test is not exhaustive, but it does uncover many errors.  It is set =
 to run
 on the repaired class, but it is easy to change that.  Let me know if you=
 any other information.
 -John M. Long
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