PR# 19911 Source control entry in toolbar and icon issue in SCM tool

Problem Report Summary
Submitter: thomas_goering
Category: EiffelStudio
Priority: Low
Date: 2024/04/02
Class: Feature Request
Severity: Non-critical
Number: 19911
Release: 23.09
Confidential: No
Status: Open
Environment: win64
Synopsis: Source control entry in toolbar and icon issue in SCM tool

See steps to reproduce.

I am confused why the toolbar entry is displayed differently and when (and why) it has just one entry ("Update status") and then it has more entries.

I wouldn't expect:
- that the toolbar entry changes, either let there be just the icon or icon+text, but do not change it
- that the number of entries in the drop down menu changes, why not have always all possible entries and disable them if not available/applicable.

Also, icons for "Project" and "Config" are too large in the SCM tool mini toolbar.
To Reproduce
Start EiffelStudio without any project.

See screenshot SCM_icon.png:
The source control toolbar entry only displays the icon. If you click on the small triangle to open the drop down menu, there is only one entry "Update status".

See screenshot SCM_icon_text.png:
If you click on the source control icon in the toolbar or open the SCM tool, the toolbar entry changes to display not only the icon but also text "Source Control" with additional entries in the drop down menu.

In this screenshot you also see the SCM tool. In its mini toolbar the icons for "Project" and "Config" are too large. They don't fit completely in the mini toolbar and thus the mini toolbar is not correct vertically aligned (except for the three pane icons).
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