PR# 19890 Inconsistent results of {detachable separate CHARACTER_REF}.out

Problem Report Summary
Submitter: rosivaldo
Category: Compiler
Priority: Low
Date: 2023/06/13
Class: Bug
Severity: Serious
Number: 19890
Release: 22.12 ( - win64)
Confidential: No
Status: Open
Environment: win64
Synopsis: Inconsistent results of {detachable separate CHARACTER_REF}.out

Given an entity a: A, where A is a formal generic parameter, the feature a.out may produce inconsistent results when the actual generic is of type {detachable separate CHARACTER_REF}.
To Reproduce
- Open and compile the st_implementation_bugs target of (attached) .\main\st_implementation\st_implementation.ecf project.
- Run the Workbench system (F5).
- Eventually, one gets the CHECK_VIOLATION below
                    reproduce_separate_out_bug @5
                                           s1.hash_code = s2.hash_code
- Within the Objects tool one can see that either `s1' or `'s2' equals "%U", although `a' (the sole source of the values of s1 and s2) is not a reference to a null character.
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