PR# 19878 New Cluster command creates "duplicate" clusters in Groups window

Problem Report Summary
Submitter: martin-east
Category: EiffelStudio
Priority: Medium
Date: 2023/03/28
Class: Bug
Severity: Serious
Number: 19878
Release: 22.12 (10.6463 - win64)
Confidential: No
Status: Analyzed
Environment: win
Synopsis: New Cluster command creates "duplicate" clusters in Groups window

(see attachment for the relevant screenshots)

When I create a new cluster, the Groups windows shows the new cluster twice, once with a blue dot and once without, even though I only created it once:

Within ES, I can only delete the first version (with the blue dot). To get rid of the second version, I have to delete it from the project folder, but that also removes the first version

Furthermore, if I move classes into the new cluster, they show up in both “versions” of the cluster: 

On compiling I get a VSCN error: 

I notice that the first and second filenames are identical except for the case. 

I can’t find a way round this problem beyond moving the classes back to the root cluster in Windows, deleting the folder and recompiling with the cleaned option on. I also remember having the same problem in earlier versions.

(I have marked this Serious because I think it could scare off people that are new to Eiffel - which would be a great shame)

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From:martin-east    Date:2023/03/30    Status: Analyzed    Download   
Hi Jocelyn, 

I think your point is very relevant, as I had some confusion between versions at the time. However, I'm pretty sure I had this problem with 22.12, but maybe it first happened using 22.05 and I reopened in 22.12 without rebuilding the ecf file. Out of interest, what caused the problem that you fixed in 22.12? Was it something to do with case sensitivity ?

In any case I will report to you if I get the same problem again - so no need to investigate the duplicate cluster problem further for now. 

Do you think the delete cluster problem might be related to the duplicate cluster problem? BTW I just restarted with "clean" and have the same problem 


From:jfiat_es    Date:2023/03/30    Status: Analyzed    Download   
Thanks for the additional information.
In 22.12, we fixed bug related to this Add Cluster command, so I am really interested to know how to reproduce such issue, as I thought this annoyance was really fixed in 22.12.
I am wondering, if you had not used 22.05 (or older) when you tried to Add a cluster? That would explain why you can not reproduce this issue with 22.12.
If not, we will try to find how this could be possible.

For the "Delete", we will look at it soon.

From:martin-east    Date:2023/03/30    Status: Open    Download   
Hi Jocelyn, 

I created the new cluster using the "Add a New Cluster" option in the groups window. Duplicate cluster shows in 

1.jpg. shows the duplicate cluster
2.jpg shows the duplicate classes
3.jpg shows the ensuing compiler errors.

Murphy's law means that I can't reproduce the error. However, when trying to do so I found an error which I think is related: I can't delete any newly created clusters.

4.jpg shows the create new cluster window 
5.jpg shows the newly created cluster
6.jpg shows the delete warning (note the erroneous cluster description without separators)
7.jpg shows the cluster is still there, although I answered "Yes" 
8.jpg shows the crash when I close and re-open without the "clean" option

When I restart and open with the "clean" option set, everything compiles but the deleted cluster is still there. I can only get rid of it by deleting the folder in Windows explorer and restarting with the "clean" option

Hope this helps 

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From:jfiat_es    Date:2023/03/29    Status: Open    Download   
Can you, please, upload the screenshot as image?

Also, can you tell us the step to reproduce the issue.
How did you first add the new cluster?

From:martin-east    Date:2023/03/28    Download   
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