PR# 19855 EiffelStudio crashed during a compilation

Problem Report Summary
Submitter: HowardThomsonSurrey
Category: EiffelStudio
Priority: Low
Date: 2022/04/15
Class: Bug
Severity: Non-critical
Number: 19855
Release: 21.11
Confidential: No
Status: Open
Environment: linux
Synopsis: EiffelStudio crashed during a compilation

EiffelStudio abruptly crashed on a recompilation.
I was unable to use the online crash report, as the website was down at the time and my login credentials were rejected, but I was able to save the call trace to a file [attached].
To Reproduce
Not reproducible at this time. I will update this entry if I do reproduce it ...
Problem Report Interactions
From:HowardThomsonSurrey    Date:2022/04/15    Download   
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