PR# 19845 External finalized compilation fails

Problem Report Summary
Submitter: rosivaldo
Category: Compiler
Priority: Low
Date: 2022/03/12
Class: Bug
Severity: Non-critical
Number: 19845
Release: 21.11 ( - win64)
Confidential: No
Status: Analyzed
Environment: win64
Synopsis: External finalized compilation fails

One of the systems within finalized-error.7z compiles and freezes normally. But it can't be finalized. External finalized compilation fails due to the following error:

E1/epoly.o:epoly.c:(.text+0x566): undefined reference to `Y5685_init'

The failing system is st_tests.ecf, target stt-auto-test.

I tried to get the same error with the system finalized_tests.ecf, but the error does not show up.
To Reproduce
1. Unzip finalized-error.7z. into finalized-error folder.
2. Navigate into .\finalized-error\set_theory folder.
2. With EiffelStudio, open the system st_tests.ecf.
3. Chose the target stt-auto-test.
4. In the "Action:" drop-down, choose Finalize.
5. The error mentioned above will show up.
6. Optionally, freeze the system. Nothing wrong happens.

By contrast, essentially the same steps may be taken upon .\finalized-error\finalized_tests\finalized_tests.ecf with no error showing up.
Problem Report Interactions
From:jfiat_es    Date:2022/03/29    Status: Analyzed    Download   
We will investigate this issue and get back to you shortly.

From:rosivaldo    Date:2022/03/12    Download   
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