PR# 19623 Recursive calls in attribute body

Problem Report Summary
Submitter: gobobe
Category: Compiler
Priority: Low
Date: 2020/03/11
Class: Feature Request
Severity: Non-critical
Number: 19623
Confidential: No
Status: Closed
Environment: win
Synopsis: Recursive calls in attribute body

I would have assumed that recursive calls in attribute bodies would be handled like recursive calls in once functions. But apparently not. The following code:

      f: T
                 create Result.make
                 do_something (f)

enters into an infinite loop.

I did not mark it as a bug because I'm not sure what is the most desirable behavior.

Eric Bezault
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From:gobobe    Date:2020/06/12    Status: Closed    Download   
In fact this code is valid according to ECMA standard, 3-36 section 8.19.19 (DEVS) page 109.

Eric Bezault