PR# 19595 Estudio freezes after pasting some code into editor

Problem Report Summary
Submitter: phgachoud
Category: EiffelStudio
Priority: High
Date: 2019/11/05
Class: Bug
Severity: Critical
Number: 19595
Release: 19.05
Confidential: No
Status: Closed
Environment: linux Debian 9
Synopsis: Estudio freezes after pasting some code into editor

Not every times but many, many! on 3 different virtual machines since I upgraded to Debian buster (9), eiffel studio freezes after pasting some code. 
- The class and feature input/combobox does a buggy autocompletion, when a word is found, its autocompleted and then the cursor goes at the end of the word not letting me complete the rest of the word, it seems the first found solution is autocompleted and the cursor goes to the end of the word
- Many times too, the focus goes out of the text editor, I have to grab my mouse back and click into where I was (many times looking for where) and continue editing
To Reproduce
Do some copy-paste, many times I select a block of txt with shift-some_arrow_up_or_down then copy with ctrl+c or ctl+insert and when I paste either with shift+insert|ctrl+v|right-click+paste estudio hangs. Once it hangs for about 1 minute the cursor comes back, and a new paste (without recopy) has the same consequences
Problem Report Interactions
From:phgachoud    Date:2019/11/11    Status: Closed    Download   
After reboot of host and guest of KVM, the bug disappeared for the moment

From:phgachoud    Date:2019/11/07    Status: Open    Download   
More on this issue on

From:phgachoud    Date:2019/11/07    Status: Open    Download   
Seems that there are less problems with virt-viewer than with default virt-manager on kvm linux. But still, to reproduce

1) Open estudio into an editor
2) add somewhere in a feature containing code and if with its completion and add any txt, asdf will be sufficient
3) Go with cursor (arrows) below the end of the if and select the lines with shift+arrow-down
3) cut these lines (ctrl+x)
4) move cursor into the if then <cursor> end
5) paste with ctrl+v and it will freeze

From:phgachoud    Date:2019/11/06    Status: Open    Download   
Could be related to virt-viewer into kvm on both linux and windows, I'll investigate further

From:phgachoud    Date:2019/11/05    Status: Open    Download   
Tested with estudio 19.10 beta, and same behaviour