PR# 19562 EiffelBuild Exception while editing SpinButton widget properties

Problem Report Summary
Submitter: rwschlatter
Category: EiffelBuild
Priority: High
Date: 2019/08/11
Class: Bug
Severity: Serious
Number: 19562
Release: 19.05 GPL
Confidential: No
Status: Closed
Environment: win 8.1 pro
Synopsis: EiffelBuild Exception while editing SpinButton widget properties

Attached minmal EiffelBuild project StepTwo

Has window containing two spin buttons and ok/cancel.
I open the Display window to see how it looks like.
Renamed the three widgets,
Then tinkered with spin buttons, first resized minimums, next  at whim chose to tinker with "y" spin button. 
In the properties I see the field "Text", so in my naivety I started to type an "x".

Eiffelbuild throws a tantrum and an exception trace at me.

The Display window shows the "x" where I believe a numeric / number is expected.
To Reproduce
As above.
Problem Report Interactions
From:jfiat_es    Date:2019/08/28    Status: Closed    Download   

From:rwschlatter    Date:2019/08/17    Status: Open    Download   

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From:rwschlatter    Date:2019/08/16    Status: Open    Download   

From:rwschlatter    Date:2019/08/16    Status: Open    Download   

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From:rwschlatter    Date:2019/08/12    Status: Open    Download   

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