PR# 19558 Demo application Vision2_demo crashes

Problem Report Summary
Submitter: rwschlatter
Category: Other
Priority: Medium
Date: 2019/08/05
Class: Bug
Severity: Non-critical
Number: 19558
Release: 19.05 GPL
Confidential: No
Status: Closed
Responsible: jfiat_es
Environment: win 8.1 Pro 64
Synopsis: Demo application Vision2_demo crashes

Vision2_demo as distributed with 19.05 GPL.

Main window opens but as soon as I click on a widget in the Container list app crashes as per attached image.
To Reproduce
Run Vision2_demo and click on a widget in the Container list.
Problem Report Interactions
From:jfiat_es    Date:2019/09/04    Status: Closed    Download   

From:rwschlatter    Date:2019/08/05    Download   

Attachment: Vision2Demo fail.png     Size:112448