PR# 19555 Eiffel Studio opens windows hidden behind windows taskbar

Problem Report Summary
Submitter: rwschlatter
Category: EiffelStudio
Priority: Medium
Date: 2019/07/26
Class: Bug
Severity: Non-critical
Number: 19555
Release: 19.05 GPL
Confidential: No
Status: Open
Environment: win 8.1 Pro
Synopsis: Eiffel Studio opens windows hidden behind windows taskbar

Note: reported under EiffelStudio but I believe the origin to be within EiffelVision as used by ES, please change category as necessary.

Returning from a long absence from the EIffel world and recently installed the current version 19.05 in a Win 8.1Pro environment.

I started making my reborn baby steps with Eiffel Studio,

Thru some manipulation I managed to detach tools from the toolbar. I then run the compiler on a small project. The detached tools open their windows hidden behind the Windows taskbar at physical screen location (0,0) top left. Needed some tweeks to the taskbar options to recover the tool windows.  Once done open correctly in all projects at last opened position.

Note: as very ancient Apple user I prefer to have my taskbar at the top of the screen with drop-down menu style.

Request: please make the Eiffel software (at least on the Windows platform) aware of the location and size of the Windows taskbar (also being aware of its sliding hide feature) when initially opening a new window for the first time after installation. 
To Reproduce
Use a Windows system and position toolbar to the top, deactivate the taskbar dynamic Hide option, install Eiffel Studio fresh (does likely not need to be 8.1), set tool windows option detached, run a compilation with a default created empty basic project. Observe location of compilation and error report tool windows.
Problem Report Interactions
From:rwschlatter    Date:2019/08/13    Status: Open    Download   
Just had another of these annoying occurances. Thru unknown interaction the debugger suddenly starts with a detached Output window that goes to the top of screen behind my taksbar. Even after recovering it and placing at a better screen location, at the next start the debugger reopened it tugged away under the taskbar again.

Request: please save the last user placed screen location when closing a window. Please have the software updated (Vission2?) to take a users taskbar into consideration when opening a window.