PR# 19475 Auto-Complete Flow Broken on XQuartz

Problem Report Summary
Submitter: q2santos
Category: EiffelStudio
Priority: High
Date: 2018/10/20
Class: Bug
Severity: Serious
Number: 19475
Release: 18.7
Confidential: No
Status: Analyzed
Environment: macOS High Sierra with XQuartz
Synopsis: Auto-Complete Flow Broken on XQuartz

In the code editor, when selecting an item from the auto-complete list, the code is completed, but the window loses focus, breaking the typing flow. The user has to use the mouse to select the window again and continue typing.
To Reproduce
1. Go to the body of any routine in the code editor.
2. Insert a new line and type the name of a local variable or attribute.
3. Type the (".") dot.
4. Wait for the auto-complete list. 
5. Select any item on the list.
6. Try to continue typing

Result: no characters are inserted in the code editor.

Expected: you should be able to continue typing normally.
Problem Report Interactions
From:jfiat_es    Date:2018/10/23    Status: Analyzed    Download   
Thank you for the report.
We will look at the issue, try to reproduce and eventually find a fix for next release.