PR# 19450 AutoTest extracted test issue

Problem Report Summary
Submitter: thomas_goering
Category: Other
Priority: Low
Date: 2018/08/23
Class: Bug
Severity: Non-critical
Number: 19450
Release: 18.07
Confidential: No
Status: Open
Environment: Windows 10
Synopsis: AutoTest extracted test issue

I have followed all steps in the tutorial on this page to create and execute an extracted test:

Unfortunately the result is not as expected. Instead of getting the expected result saying that the postcondition of feature "withdraw" is violated, I get this result:
"test_withdraw (TEST_BANK_ACCOUNT_002): FAIL (Correct operands for a feature call)" 

I already found the reason for this issue:
It was introduced with this change from Dec, 4th 2017 in class EQA_EXTRACTED_TEST_SET, feature "run_extracted_test" was changed in this way:

Now, the implementation doesn't take into account the special notion for the object id in "a_operands" in the form of '#' + index (see comment on feature "context"). The previous implementation did this by calling "set_tuple_attributes (l_new, a_operands, 0)".

I'm not sure about the correct implementation because simply reverting the change would ignore the previous FIXME comment in feature :
-- FIXME: get rid of `empty_operands` usage. 

But for me reverting the change resulted in the expected result of the test execution.

Maybe other changes introduced similar issues? I don't know...

For more detail see here:!topic/eiffel-users/TXnIeqHB0ck

Best regards,
To Reproduce
Create and execute an extracted test using AutoTest as described here:

The result is not as described in the tutorial but:
"test_withdraw (TEST_BANK_ACCOUNT_002): FAIL (Correct operands for a feature call)"
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