PR# 19327 [er] Wrong class locations in goto.html

Problem Report Summary
Submitter: axarosenberg
Category: Documentation
Priority: Medium
Date: 2017/02/09
Class: Bug
Severity: Serious
Number: 19327
Release: 17.01
Confidential: No
Status: Open
Responsible: jvelilla
Environment: win
Synopsis: [er] Wrong class locations in goto.html

We use the following command:

    ec -filter html-stylesheet -all ...

as shown here:

to generate documentation. Our ECF file contains this library:

    <library name="base" location="$ISE_LIBRARY/library/base/base.ecf" readonly="true"/>

The problem is that in the generated file goto.html, classes of the base library are referenced by:


instead of:


In other words, it uses the cluster name within the library (where the class text is located) instead of the library name (where the files are actually generated) as folder. Therefore, the "Go to:" dark blue text field in the generated html files directs the browser to a missing page.

Note that the generated file class_list.html and all the other generated files do not suffer from this problem.
Also note that this problem is not peculiar to base. We have other libraries (where the root cluster has a different name from the library name) having the same problem.

Eric Bezault
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