PR# 18528 Web browser library causing segmentation faults

Problem Report Summary
Submitter: finnianr
Category: Other
Priority: High
Date: 2013/03/01
Class: Bug
Severity: Critical
Number: 18528
Confidential: No
Status: Open
Responsible: jfiat_es
Environment: Linux Mint 14 (AKA Ubuntu 12.10), libwebkitgtk1.0 Ver. 1.10
Synopsis: Web browser library causing segmentation faults

The gtk implementation of the web browser library used to be fine on Ubuntu 10.10 but now it's causing problems on Ubuntu 12.10. Many web sites trigger a segmentation fault causing the application to hang. Also many web sites intermittently trigger a "Invalid compressed data" returned as an error page.

I found another application on my machine that also uses libwebkitgtk1.0, the Banshee media player. In this application it is possible to browse without any problem. In the ES web browser triggers a segmentation fault and on the following gtk call back (below). The page is already partially rendered when the error hits. Perhaps a problem with a plugin on JavaScript.

class GTK2
frozen dispatch_events
    	"C macro use <ev_gtk.h>"

The fact that browsing Amazon in Banshee is just fine suggests that the ES web browser library is not interfacing with the library correctly. I notice that gcc throws up some webkit related warnings during the Eiffel C compile. Could these be significant?
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