PR# 17011 A Particular Example for Eiffel Studio does not Compile

Problem Report Summary
Submitter: sanctuary
Category: Compiler
Priority: Medium
Date: 2010/08/02
Class: Bug
Severity: Serious
Number: 17011
Release: EiffelStudio 6 ( GPL Edition - windows)
Confidential: No
Status: Open
Environment: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 5.1; en-US; rv: Gecko/20100722 Firefox/3.6.8 (details known to me: Windows XP SP3, Firefox 3.6.8, $ISE_C_COMPILER = mingw)
Synopsis: A Particular Example for Eiffel Studio does not Compile

Dear sir/madam, Firstly, thank you for Eiffel Studio.
I am a student, studying Eiffel at home from the Eiffel textbook recommended on your site: 'Touch of Class' by Bertrand Meyer. The book uses examples from a file  - traffic_ev 3.3.1_1104 - which I have downloaded from  My problem is that I cannot successfully compile the examples (.ecf files) in the examples.  My installation of Eiffelstudio - to which I am new - successfully works with other EiffelStudio's examples - including Eiffel Vision examples - you have included in C:\Program Files\Eiffel Software\EiffelStudio 6.6 GPL\examples - these compile and execute successfully.

When I compile the 'traffic' examples (I have tried 3 example .ecf files) from the Bertrand Meyer course I always get the following 2 (types of) Errors:
1) Error code: VD00 General configuration parsing error.
What to do: fix the configuration file.

Could not open file: c:\program files\eiffel software\eiffelstudio 6.6 gpl\library\gobo\gobo.ecf
Configuration: C:\Documents and Settings\Andrew\My Documents\Eiffel 6.6 User Files\projects\traffic_ev 3.3.1_1104\traffic_ev_1104\example\02_objects\objects.ecf

2) Warning code: VD83
Configuration warning: warning that a setting could not be changed.
What to do: do not change this setting or recompile the project from scratch.

Value of a setting could not be changed because the system is already compiled or uses a precompile: cls_compliant
Old: false
New: true
I have attempted to follow your instructions on altering the .cfg file 
before submitting this compile 'bug' report to you: 
"Edit the file `general.cfg' located in $ISE_EIFFEL/eifinit/studio and: 
1. Replace the line automatic_backup: False with automatic_backup: True. 
2. Replace the line fail_on_rescue: False with fail_on_rescue: True."
(There was no 'automatic_backup' line in the file - and fail_on_rescue was
 'True'.) - I have included the 'compilation_info.txt' file from the EIFGENS/BACKUP folders for the .ecf compilation.

I would greatly appreciate your help on this problem because I am held
up on my Eiffel course.  There seems no way to directly contact the 
technical people who have developed the Bertrand Meyer course examples
- there is no contact point given on the download site: - and I am still 
awaiting registeration confirmation on your yahoo user forum.

With thanks,
Kind regards, Andrew Shaman.

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