PR# 13302 Stepping into routine then continuing hangs window system

Problem Report Summary
Submitter: prestoat2000
Category: EiffelStudio
Priority: High
Date: 2007/07/12
Class: Bug
Severity: Critical
Number: 13302
Release: 6.0.69383
Confidential: No
Status: Closed
Environment: Mozilla/5.0 (X11; U; SunOS i86pc; en-US; rv: Gecko/20070617 Firefox/ Solaris 10 on x86
Synopsis: Stepping into routine then continuing hangs window system

Delete ~/.es directory.
Start estudio and compile project with attached class and .ecf file.
Click on Step into Routine.
Click on Continue.
Now window system is hung and won't respond.  Can't kill anything.
   Only solution is to press the Reset button.
Showstopper for Solaris x86.
To Reproduce

Problem Report Interactions
From:prestoat2000    Date:2007/11/18    Status: Closed    Download   
I can no longer reproduce this on Solaris x86 with rev 71123, so I'm assuming
it has been fixed.  Closing report.

From:prestoat2000    Date:2007/07/12    Download   
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